Boxsona is a subscription service for Furries. We deliver a box of fur and fun right to your door!
Boxsona is a subscription service that ships a box or envelope of furry goods directly to you. We ship at the start of every second month. Inside the boxes there will be an assortment of furry goods, and one premium furry item. We will also be offering an envelope that contains an assortment of "flat" furry goods.
Both our boxes and envelopes will contain exclusive limited edition art!

Art prints, hats, tails and comics are just some of the things we can offer. We work with artists and creators directly to supply our boxes and envelopes.

watch for featured artists in our upcoming warm & cozy Boxsona's!

"I would be happy to work with you again. :) Definitely one of the more satisfying furry projects I've worked on." - Coconutmilkyway

Check out our social media to see teasers and sneak peeks!