Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Boxsona?
We are a subscription service for furries! If you are familiar with Loot Crateâ„¢ then you have the right idea. Boxsona is a subscription service that sends a box or envelope of furry goods directly to you at the start of every second month. Inside the boxes there will be an assortment of furry goods, and one premium furry item. We will also be offering an envelope that contains an assortment of "flat" furry goods.
Both our boxes and envelopes will contain exclusive limited edition art, such as prints, cards, or calendars!

Q. Can I buy a single box or envelope, do I have to subscribe?
You can buy a single box or envelope! At this time we do not have a subscription option to our boxes and envelopes, but we do have a pre-order period that comes with pre-order goodies!

Q. Can you ship to _________?
A. The cost of shipping to Canada and the United States of America is included in the price! We can also ship further abroad, just send us an email to for a shipping quote!

Q. Can we see what's in the box or envelopes before buying?
A. Every box will have a general layout, exclusive limited edition art such as prints, an assortment of furry goods, and one premium furry item. Our envelopes will have the same exclusive limited edition art such as prints, and some of the "flat" furry items from the box.

Q. What artists are featured this month?
A. That information is available on our Home Page!

Q. Are your boxes or envelopes family friendly?
A. Yes! All content is family friendly!

Q. What does family friendly mean to Boxsona Subscription Service?
A. Family friend, to us, means that you can take our packages and give them to a young child without issue. This means no adult material, suggestive material, or pin-ups.
We operate this way for a variety of reasons. A wide variety of businesses and payment processors are more willing to work with us when we do not have adult material. We also believe there are lots of services out there for the furry fandom that cater to an adult only audience.

Q. How do you handle and package the art prints?
A. Here is an info-graph explaining our handling and packaging process!